American Beauty Association National Makeup Brush promotion: Complimentary beauty samples are yours for the asking Almost every woman enjoys using beauty products, but these products can run into some money too. Face creams are a case in point. No matter your age, there is a face cream which promises to alleviate whatever problem your skin may pose. The truth is, some do work better than others and some products are better suited to a particular skin type. Most of us can’t afford to purchase several of these products before settling on one that does the job. Just the same, many women will do so, unnecessarily. You don’t have to buy the product to find out. Most cosmetic companies don’t make a big deal out of letting you in on this secret, but they surely do want you as a regular customer. In most cases, all you need to do is ask for a free beauty sample of their product. The company knows that if you’re pleased with the results, you’ll buy. This doesn’t apply only to face creams. There’s make-up, body creams, hair removal creams, perfume, shampoo and conditioners. You’ll find free beauty samples available for all but the most inexpensive drugstore shampoos. Even then, you can usually find travel sized sample products of these for less than a dollar. Here’s one way to gather a supply of free beauty samples that’s also a lot of fun. Call up a like-minded girlfriend and head for the mall. Hit all the big department store cosmetic counters. Don’t be shy. Explain to each clerk that you’re looking for a face cream (or body lotion or whatever) that you really like. Tell her you’ve already tried half a dozen which you bought, but that didn’t prove satisfactory. Ask for some free beauty samples. Along with the samples, you’ll probably get a free make-up application as well. You can try new eyeliners, eyeshadow, make-up, concealers and lipstick. If you like how the product looks and behaves on you, go ahead and buy one. Cosmetic sales people are well trained in the merits and uses of their product lines and can provide good guidance. Besides, it’s free. On your way out, ask if she has any perfume samples – they always do! Another way to obtain free beauty samples is to go online. You don’t even need to leave the house. The cosmetics industry is highly competitive. Major cosmetic companies often have free beauty samples, as well as coupons, which they are happy to send out to you. Have you wanted to try some of the new mineral make-up products, but hesitated at the expense? Ask for a sample. After all, if the product is as good as the ads claim, why wouldn’t you buy? You just have to give it a try, before you buy! steps to do eyeshadow tips to apply eyeshadow how to apply eyeshadow beginners how to put a eyeshadow how to apply eyeshadow simple how to apply makeup eyeshadow