Is there a cellulite diet that works? Well, yes and no: 21 Secrets Fitness Editors Swear By To Stay In Shape A dynamic warmup, specifically, as we’ve read enough research to know that it’s critical for pumping up your muscle activation and slashing your risk of injuries. We each have our own favorites. “I begin every gym workout with at least five—and up to 20—minutes on the rowing machine,” says Marissa Gainsburg, WH associate fitness editor. “It gets all my major muscles going—arms, core, glutes, legs—elevates my heart rate, and in the extended position, doubles as a stretch. It beats pretty much any other warmup I’ve tried.” Before runs, WH fitness director Jen Ator does a quick lunge series—something she picked up while rehabbing after knee surgery in 2013: 10 reverse lunges, 10 forward lunges, 10 curtsy lunges, 10 lateral lunges on each leg. “Because the lunge is an exaggeration of the running movement pattern, I find it helps get the necessary muscles and joints ready to work better than a cardio-based warm-up,” Ator says. A lot of women overcomplicate everything—especially with circuit training. Instead of dragging three pieces of equipment to your spot, grab one pair of weights that you can use for an entire circuit. You’ll be more likely to actually finish all the exercises you intended, and you’ll save time by transitioning seamlessly from one move to the next. Or, even simpler, just use your body weight. It’s crucial to nail basic movements before you progress to more challenging variations or more complicated equipment, says Women’s Health Brazil editor-in-chief Camila Borowsky. You don’t need a lot of equipment—or any at all—to get fit. Check out these 19 bodyweight exercises: Okay, maybe not when we’re in training mode for an upcoming race, but every other week, yes. No shame. “If I just washed and blew out my hair and I have meetings or events the next day, I focus on lifting weights, since I don’t get super sweaty,” says Gainsburg. “But if it’s a hair-washing day, I go all out—hot power yoga, an indoor cycling class, or a HIIT sesh. If I’m washing it, my hair better look as wrecked as possible!” Read more here: